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McGraw-Hill's Spanish Illustrated Dictionary (McGraw-Hill Dictionary Series)

McGraw-Hill's Spanish Illustrated Dictionary (McGraw-Hill Dictionary Series)

The Spanish dictionary that makes learning vocabulary fun and engaging
Whether you are 5 or 105, this fully illustrated dictionary makes building Spanish vocabulary easy, stimulating, and fun. Bringing the 1,500 essential words alive are the vibrant illustrations that will help you remember key terms and phrases. It also includes an MP3 disc that features pronunciation by native speakers of each entry, conveniently organized for quick-access on an iPod.
The dictionary contains:
Each term illustrated and accompanied by the Spanish term and English translation
MP3 disk with audio pronunciation of every term in Spanish
Easy navigation system for quick-access to each term on your iPod, computer, or other MP3 device
Topics include: Home, At School, At Hospital, People, Transportation, Air Travel, Around Town, Plants & Animals, Food, Leisure & Entertainment, Athletics, At a Restaurant , Equipment & Machinese, Miscellaneous

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Flabob Airport Cafe

Flabob Airport Cafe

Riverside, California.

By John D. Lyon and David Gustafson: "The restaurant’s origins date back to the early days of aviation. Flavio Madariaga, guiding genius of Flabob, recognized from the beginning that an airport cafe was key to the success of this small airport populated by builders, restorers, airport bums, flyers, would-be flyers, and all the other members of a viable flying village. The first restaurant was in a lean-to constructed on the side of Hangar One, which was itself a tarted-up WPA tool and equipment shed left over from the New Deal. It had a grill, counter and stools, and outside a hitching post for the frequent arrivals on horseback to this then-rural strip. (Later the lean-to became the apartment of “Professor” Art Scholl, who came by his title legitimately; for many years he taught machining in Hangar One for San Fernando Valley College, until his career as an airshow and movie pilot took precedence.)

The little cafe was soon too small. Flavio — who must be regarded as a serious contender for the title of greatest scrounger of all time — borrowed a mule, some chickens, and a goat, with which he was photographed to qualify him as a “farmer” and hence eligible to buy government surplus. Thus equipped, he visited nearby March Field and purchased what is said to have been the cookhouse for the NCO Club, which he dragged back to Flabob and erected in its present location on the flightline. The cafe and airport offices occupied the building, but successful growth led to the eviction of the offices and the cafe has been sole occupant for decades.

Today, the ambience is classic airport cafe, with giant-scale airplane models dangling from the massive beams overhead, old wooden props on the walls, and hundreds of photos of airplanes, pilots, and happenings at Flabob. The foyer displays photos going back to 1925, when original airport operator Roman Warren (known as the Cowboy Aviator) flew his Thomas-Morse Scout under the low concrete span of the Rubidoux Bridge. There is a long center table where pilots and visitors sit next to someone who may be a stranger at first, but is a new best friend by the time the coffee arrives. The restaurant’s large windows provide a good view of the runway, and of the fields beyond — still occupied by grazing livestock — with the Santa Ana Mountains in the background."

Longbridge Mill 14 Sep 2008 96 uc

Longbridge Mill 14 Sep 2008 96 uc

Longbridge Mill at Sherfield on Loddon.

There has been a mill on this site for hundreds of years, one of many mills on the river Loddon. There is evidence that a mill existed 800 years ago. It is recorded that a man called 'John the Miller' lived in Sherfield.

Structural evidence indicates that the building you see now housing the milling machinery is of 15th century origin, and that the granary (now incorporated in the restaurant) was added in the 16th century.

In 1991, a disastrous fire destroyed some of the buildings. The remainder of the buildings lay abandoned until they were bought by Mill House Inns in 1996. A major restoration programme began on the derelict water wheel and milling equipment. The mill is now fully restored. What you see today is what the mill would have looked like in Victorian times – albeit with much less dust, and without the need for 15 or more cats to keep the rats away!

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